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Forest View Hospital News & Events

Forest View Hospital offers the following CEUs and patient-focused seminars:

Trends in Mental Health Podcast Series

Goals and Your Mental Health with Kirsten Rahn, Life Support, LLC

Breakfast ‘N Learn

January 13, 2021
Complex Trauma in the Context of the Attachment Relationship
Diana Osipsov, LMSW & Owner of Roots

This training, through lecture and case review, will cover different types of trauma, and will further explore complex trauma, specific to themes related to the effects of generational trauma within the attachment relationship. Parent-child dyad will be examined in this context, and information on current research and effective treatment approaches will be provided.

February 10, 2021
Trauma Model Therapy
Colin A. Ross, M.D.

Dr. Ross will describe the principles and techniques of his Trauma Model Therapy (TMT). These include: the problem of attachment to the perpetrator; the locus of control shift; the problem is not the problem; just say ‘no’ to drugs; addiction is the opposite of desensitization; and the victim-rescuer-perpetrator triangle. TMT was designed for treatment of trauma survivors with extensive comorbidity but can be adapted for treatment of most mental disorders and addictions. Techniques will be illustrated through case examples.

March 10, 2021
How to Prevent and Address Problematic Media Use Among Adolescents
Sarah E. Domoff, PHD, Licensed Psychologist in Michigan and Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at Central Michigan University

Participants in this workshop will learn about the current screen media used by adolescents today (e.g., duration, type, context of use) and the mechanisms by which such use may impact adolescent mental health. Participants will learn about how to assess for symptoms of pathological or problematic screen media use in adolescents. Participants will be provided with resources and practices to reduce problematic use in clinically-referred youth.

April 14, 2021
Basic Play Therapy interventions with Children, Adolescents, and Families
Carrie Zisner, LMSW with BRAINS
Kelly Cramer, LMSW with BRAINS
Chris Roberts, LMSW with BRAINS

This course is an introductory and educational course that provides information to participants to better understand the use, process, and benefits of play therapy skills with children, adolescents and families. Emphasis will be placed on incorporating evidenced based practices and providing examples and experiences with utilizing play therapy strategies that other providers could incorporate into their practice.

May 12, 2021
The Courage to Suffer
Daryl Van Tongeren, PhD & Sara A. Showalter Van Tongeren, LCSW

Suffering is an inescapable part of life. Some suffering is so profound, so violating, or so dogged that it fundamentally changes people in indelible ways. Many existing therapeutic approaches, from a medical model, treat suffering as mental illness and seek a curative solution. However, such approaches often fail to examine the deep questions that suffering elicits (e.g., existential themes of death, isolation, freedom, identity, and meaninglessness) and the far-reaching ways in which suffering affects the lived experience of each individual.

Drawing from scientific research, clinical examples, existential and positive psychology, and their own personal stories of loss and sorrow, Daryl and Sara’s integrative model blends the rich depth of existential clinical approaches with the growth focus of strengths-based approaches. Through cutting edge-research and clinical case examples, they detail five “phases of suffering” and how to work with a client’s existential concerns at each phase to develop meaning. They also discuss how current research suggests to build a flourishing life, especially for those who have endured, and are enduring, suffering. Daryl and Sara will show how those afflicted with suffering, while acknowledging the reality of their pain, can still choose to live with hope.


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