Adult Treatment

stock-photo-25943085-man-talking-in-counseling-sessionForest View Hospital’s Adult Program, using evidence-based practices, provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment for those with psychiatric symptoms and illnesses. Goals of treatment include stabilization of presenting symptoms, development of skills to manage mental illness, support-system involvement & education and aftercare planning. Treatment levels can be either inpatient hospitalization for patients requiring 24-hour supervision or partial hospitalization for those needing less structure. Treatment within these levels of care can include specialty programs such as Eating Disorder treatment, Psychological Trauma treatment, and Co-Occurring Disorder treatment.

Patients in the Adult Program will participate in a structured, therapeutic milieu. Treatment emphasis is on affect expression and regulation, grief/loss issues, stress management, healthy communication & boundaries and relapse planning & prevention.

Forest View Hospital recognizes the role that physical health plays in treating mental illness. The attending psychiatrist will coordinate with our internal medicine department and with the patient’s primary care office to address medical problems as they arise.

Access to Services

If you or someone you know needs help, please call our Assessment and Referral Staff at 1-800-949-8439 to schedule a free assessment. Our specially trained staff members are always available to answer questions, provide a free assessment, or to help you find the help you need.

Cost and Insurance

Most health insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Consultation with Providers

Given the complex nature of treating mental illness, program staff will collaborate with outpatient providers, families and primary care offices. Regular involvement is necessary to develop an individualized treatment plan, provide updates on progress, develop a comprehensive discharge plan and provide a seamless transition of care.

Visiting Professionals Program

Forest View Hospital offers professionals the opportunity to experience and learn about the services that are provided. Attendees will observe a variety of treatment interventions within any specialty or program. For more information regarding the Visiting Professionals Program, please contact the Community Relations Office at 616.954.3134.

Patient and Family Centered Treatment

The patient and the patient’s family are important members of the treatment team throughout the assessment, treatment and discharge planning processes. Emphasis during treatment is on issues that increase the opportunity for a positive transition from hospitalization to the home, school and work environments.

Communication With Other Professionals

With a signed Release of Information Form on file, referral sources are kept informed of the patient’s progress from admission through discharge. There is a strong emphasis on this aspect of patient care.

To learn more, please contact us.